Bin there, done that!

Bin there, done that!

Do you really need compost bins?

Composting has become mainstream.

It isn’t limited to landlords anymore.

High-rise dwellers are doing composting big time.

From compost tumblers to condo-sized fancy designer models, now you can buy compost bins to your heart’s content.

But do you really need those premium-priced ones?

Well. I have about nine compost bins.

For only two of them, I paid for.

At the environment day events, run by the city.

At subsidized prices.

Others were collected from the street.

In my neighborhood, I found one.

In my street, I was picking up one and the house owner asked me whether I want more.

He came with another.

For some reason, people were throwing them away.

Mostly in upper middle class neighborhoods.

Is it the smell?

May be, raccoons and other pests.

Or buying organic produce at Whole Foods with Amazon Prime!?

Should be way cheaper than growing their own.

If you insist on bins, there are many models to choose from.
Based on aesthetics and purpose.

From basic boxes to elaborate ones with drawers.

Then the tumblers that you can roll.

Condomaniacs can find kitchen-sized ones.

Whatever the price, they all just do one thing.


Tumblers make the process faster.

Kind of pushing you to go physical.

For me, I am happy with regular ‘throw and forget’ types.

High-risers can go with small ones.

Smell and condo by-laws are sworn enemies.

If you want one,
keep an eye on the garbage days, when you drive by.

You may stumble upon one, if you are luck like me.

If you want to buy, check with your city.
City government may be selling at subsidized prices.

I am not into paying a lot for them.

But if aesthetics and nosy neighbours are your concern, why not?

Go big!

Hey, you are making compost.

It is something that should be celebrated, not berated!

You can make your own compost bins with food-grade plastic barrels.
or garbage bins.

Cut the bottom out.

Drill plenty holes for air flow.

And erect them at a place it can’t be knocked over.

You are ready to go, with a top cover.

But, you don’t really need plastic bins.

You can pile all the leaves and green waste at the corner and let them rot.

An enclosure is nice.

Because wind will wreak havoc on leaves.

You can keep the pests at bay.

You can go high in volume, than going pyramid.

Find whatever you can find in the scraps.

But stay away from treated lumber.

Or plastics that deteriorate in the hot sun.

You don’t know what kind of chemicals will seep into the soil.

You are only limited by your imagination.

You can let your melons, gourd and beans spread on them.

You can even plant them on your compost pile.

That is beauty of the open-air compost bin!

Something that money can’t buy!