Don’t kick it to the curb!

Just leave the leaves alone!

Every fall, it is like a religious ritual.

On every garbage pick up day, you see paper bags filled with raked leaves waiting on the curbs.

In big box store-bought paper bags, proudly made from recycled paper!

Like billboards along the residential streets, giving free advertisment to those big box stores!

Proud citizens obediently raking their leaves, leaving them outside, according to by-laws dictated.

Out of sight, out of mind!

They did their part in recycling.

Come spring, same citizens dutifully mob garden centers to buy fertiliser for lawns.

And wait in long lines to pickup free compost given by city governments.

It is smelly. It ruins the car for weeks.

Hey! It is free!

City governments spend money to advertise about leaf recycling.

Street and newspaper advertising.

Brochures mailed to homes.

Then mobilise an army with tank-looking trucks to pick them up and get private companies to recycle.

So they can give compost free to taxpayers who are always shortchanged by liberal politicians.
Never by the conservative ones!

While big box stores, advertising agencies and private composting companies raking money by loads!

What an ‘insanely great’ way of recycling!

Are we out of common sense!

Why do we throw all those leaves?


Yeah, we are obsessed with golf course looks in our lawns.

Perfect lawn our neighbours can admire!

Not us! Neighbours!

If neighbours complain about you, then they have some problems in their hands.

Really it is not you, always it is them!

Attitude? Jealousy? Nothing else to do?
Or maybe they are angry at themselves!

Or they are just being chronic complainers!

Is it personal?
Worrying about the property value going down?

Or some greater good?
Caring about neighbourhoods?

Whatever that may be, we don’t have to throw those leaves!

What are we going to do with those leaves? Wind is making a big mess.
My property value is going down, thanks to liberal politicians. Now this?

Blah! Blah!

You have been mowing your lawn for all summer.
Haven’t you?

Just run your mower a few more times, while the leaves are on ground.

Trees take nutrients from deep down with their roots.
The nutrients that can’t be reached by the roots of the lawn plants.

They absorb nutrients from air.

Then they shed leaves.

Nature has it ways to feed the top plants.
It has been doing for millions of years.

It has organisms to do the hardwork, with no need to call tenders and contract out.

Leaves feed the plants.

So what you should do?

If looks are your problems, rake the front yard.
Make it look nice.
To make your neighbour happy.
To make peace with your neighbour.

You put yourself at their service of making them happy and satisfied.

Just leave the leaves wherever they are.

When snow falls, it covers them. Wind can’t move the leaves around. They rot wherever they are!

If look of your backyard is your concern… now you have a problem in your hand.

Damn it.
Run your f…ascinating mower!

Better if you rake them to a pile and run your mower.

You will get dense matter that can be spread wherever you want. This will speed up the process of rotting.

Spread the dense matter in the front yard!

If you just rake… use them as mulch in your garden.

For vegetable gardens, make compost and use it in spring.
Or just dump the leaves in your vegetable garden. Organisms like earthworm will take care of them.

If composting smell brings complains and pests, stick with shredding.

If all of us do that, think about the money we save personally and as taxpayers.

Use your common sense to make revolution in recycling and helping mother Earth.

Not to bring wrong politicians to power!