Growing Burning Bush for fall color

Growing Burning Bush for fall color

When the summer ends and fall creeps in, gardens start looking like war zones.

The greens and flowers that adorned the garden will start dying.

That is something unsightly!

But there are a few that put on a show in the fall.

Mums and asters can beautify the fall garden.

But there is one that will light the fire and put on a show.

That is Burning Bush.

All summer it will stay unnoticed and come fall, you can’t simply miss it!

Or anybody passing by!

It is simply a head turner!

Easy to Grow

Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) is a small tree, originating in Asia.

It doesn’t take that much space and grows with minimal care.

So it can be an easy choice for any gardener, beginners or pros.

The plant grows tiny flowers in May to June and gives tiny red berries.
Birds eat them.

They are hardy to zone 4 and can spread in warmer areas, due to berries spread by birds.

They can be invasive too. So if you find any tiny plants coming, remove them.

How to grow

With rich soil with good drainage, it can thrive easily.

Though they don’t mind shades, full sun is needed to get the red leaves.

I haven’t seen any pests in mine. But It is susceptible to typical insect pests like aphids, spider mites and scale insects.

Plants grow to 5-10ft only. With pruning, you can have a nice looking bush.

They are drought-tolerant and adapt to different soil and climate condtions.

In spring, remove dead wood and tiny branches to give airflow and sunlight.

So grow one burning bush.

You might get a call from above to give you the commandments!